When Harry Potter was preparing to attend his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he had to make an important decision – what to name his pet owl. After some thought, Harry decided on the name Hedwig, a name he found in A History of Magic.

Harry had a special bond with Hedwig from the start. She was the only living creature in the house that did not hate him, and Harry often stayed in his bedroom with her away from the Dursleys. Hedwig was loyal and protective of Harry, and he quickly grew to love her.

Hedwig was Harry’s companion throughout his time at Hogwarts. She was his faithful messenger, delivering letters to and from Hogwarts and other locations. She also helped Harry in times of danger, such as when she carried Harry away from the Forbidden Forest after he was attacked by a werewolf.

Hedwig was more than just a pet to Harry. She was a symbol of his independence and freedom from the Dursleys. She was a reminder of his magical heritage and a source of comfort during difficult times. Harry chose Hedwig’s name wisely, as it was a perfect fit for his beloved owl.

Hedwig was a loyal and devoted companion to Harry throughout his time at Hogwarts. Her name was a reminder of his magical heritage and a symbol of his independence. Harry chose the perfect name for his beloved owl, and it is clear that he made the right decision.

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