When April and Choi returned to their apartment, they were met with a startling discovery: Emily, the mother of their infant son, Vincent, had abandoned him. All of her clothes were gone, and it was clear that she had left town without her child.

April and Choi had been caring for Vincent since his birth, and April had grown to love him as if he were her own. Despite the shock of Emily’s sudden departure, April was determined to continue caring for the baby. She told Choi that she was ready to take on the responsibility of raising Vincent as her own.

Emily’s abandonment of her child has left many questions unanswered. Why did she leave? Did she have a plan for Vincent’s future? Did she ever intend to come back? Unfortunately, these questions may never be answered.

April and Choi are now faced with the challenge of raising a child on their own. They are both determined to provide Vincent with a loving and stable home. April is grateful for the support of her family and friends, who have been helping her adjust to her new role as a mother.

Emily’s sudden departure has left a void in Vincent’s life, but April and Choi are determined to fill it with love and security. They are committed to providing Vincent with the best life possible, despite the circumstances of his birth.

April and Choi’s story is a reminder that love and dedication can overcome any obstacle. With the support of their family and friends, they are determined to make sure that Vincent grows up in a safe and nurturing environment.

Emily Blunt

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