On 15 September 2022, a courtroom in Los Angeles witnessed an unusual incident when Amber Heard’s lawyer, Robert Nadelhaft, objected to his own question. The incident occurred during the ongoing trial between Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

The witness, Dr. David Kipper, was in the middle of answering a question posed by Nadelhaft when the lawyer suddenly moved to object on the grounds of hearsay. Judge Penney Azcarate was obviously surprised by the move and reminded Nadelhaft that it was his own query that he was rebutting. She then prompted him to move onto his next question.

The incident has caused much speculation in the media as to why Nadelhaft would object to his own question. Some suggest that he may have realized that the answer to his question could be damaging to his client’s case. Others have speculated that he may have been trying to avoid further questioning on the matter.

Whatever the reason, the incident has certainly caused some confusion in the courtroom. It is unclear how the judge will rule on the objection or if it will have any bearing on the outcome of the trial.

It is also unclear how this incident will affect the relationship between Nadelhaft and his client, Amber Heard. However, it is certain that the incident has added an unexpected twist to the trial and will be remembered for some time to come.

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