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Pani Ka Paryayvachi

Pani ka paryayvachi is a Hindi phrase which means ‘alternative words for water’. Water is one of the most essential elements of life and is used in many different ways. In Hindi, there are many words which can be used to refer to water, depending on the context. This article will discuss some of the most commonly used words for water in Hindi, as well as some of the more obscure words.

The most common word for water in Hindi is ‘paani’. This word is used to refer to both fresh and salt water, and is the most widely used word for water in India. Other words for water include ‘jal’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘paani’, ‘neer’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘jal’, ‘pyaas’, ‘dariya’, ‘sagar’, ‘samundar’, ‘paani’, ‘dariya’, ‘pani’, ‘neer’, ‘j

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