What are the 3 love rules?

What are the 3 Love Rules?

The concept of the three loves was first introduced by psychologist Robert Sternberg in 1986. He proposed that there are three distinct components of love: lust, passion, and commitment. Each of these components has its own unique characteristics and can occur independently of the other two.

Lust is the most basic form of love and is driven by physical attraction. It is often short-lived and is characterized by strong sexual desire. People in lust may be drawn to each other without any emotional connection or commitment.

Passion is a more intense form of love and is characterized by strong feelings of romantic attraction. It is often accompanied by a strong emotional connection and can lead to a deep and lasting bond.

Commitment is the most long-term form of love and is characterized by a sense of loyalty and dedication. It is often accompanied by a strong sense of trust and mutual respect. People in committed relationships are often willing to make sacrifices for each other and are willing to work through difficult times.

The three loves can exist independently of each other, but they can also be combined to form a more complete and fulfilling relationship. For example, two people may be in lust with each other but also have a strong sense of commitment and passion.

No matter what form of love you are in, it is important to remember that all relationships require work and dedication. Respect, communication, and trust are essential for any relationship to thrive.

The three loves can provide a helpful framework for understanding relationships and can help us to better understand our own feelings and motivations. By understanding the three loves, we can better appreciate the complexities of relationships and strive to create healthier and more fulfilling connections.

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