Will Smith and Chris Rock: The Oscar Slap Heard Around the World

Chris Rock has recently broken his silence and talked about the infamous slap that he received from Will Smith during last year’s Oscars ceremony. The incident happened after Rock joked about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, having a bald head, which she shaves due to alopecia. Smith, who went on to win Best Actor that night, walked up to the stage to slap Rock in the face.

In his recent stand-up show, “Selective Outrage,” streamed live on Netflix, Rock talked at length about the incident. He expressed frustration and weariness while talking about Smith, saying that he still feels the pain and has “Summertime ringing in my ears.”

Rock declined to press charges, and this is the first time he has spoken at length about the incident. He made several comments in his new show about people seeking attention by classifying themselves as victims but stated, “I am not a victim.”

Rock also rejected people’s claims that he and Smith were fighting, saying that they are not the same size, and Smith is significantly bigger than him. He added that the slap had inspired the name of his show, “Selective Outrage,” as he believes Smith practices selective outrage.

He also referred to Jada Pinkett Smith’s description of the affair she had with rapper August Alsina while married to Smith and questioned why they put it on the internet. He said that Smith’s wife hurt him way more than Smith hurt him and that he tried to call Smith afterwards to give him condolences, but he didn’t pick up.

Smith has apologized for the slap, saying that he was out of line and embarrassed by his actions. He has also said that he has reached out to Rock, but he’s not ready to talk.

The slap incident has shocked millions around the world, and it is still a topic of conversation almost a year later. Smith and Rock are both respected actors and comedians, and their altercation has drawn attention to their personal lives.

The slap incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock has brought up discussions about selective outrage, victim culture, and personal relationships. It is essential to note that violence is never the answer, and apologies and forgiveness are necessary for moving forward. We hope that both Smith and Rock can resolve their issues and continue to entertain their fans worldwide.

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