Does Daemon have a crush on Himawari?


Daemon and Himawari have been close friends since childhood. They have always been there for each other and have a strong bond. But recently, Boruto has been implying that Daemon’s infatuation with Himawari’s ‘strength’ is really him having a crush on her. Boruto has forbidden them to be together, leaving both Daemon and Himawari confused as to what he is talking about.

At first, Himawari was taken aback by Boruto’s suggestion that Daemon had a crush on her. She couldn’t believe that her best friend would feel that way about her. But as she thought about it more, she began to realize that there was something different about the way Daemon looked at her. She had noticed it before, but had never given it much thought.

Daemon, on the other hand, was completely taken aback by Boruto’s suggestion. He had never considered the possibility that he had feelings for Himawari beyond friendship. He had always admired her strength and determination, but he had never thought of her in a romantic way.

Despite Boruto’s warning, Daemon and Himawari continued to be close friends. They still spent time together and enjoyed each other’s company. However, they both began to notice a subtle change in their relationship. They began to feel a different kind of connection that neither of them had felt before.

The more time they spent together, the more Daemon began to realize that he had feelings for Himawari beyond friendship. He began to see her in a different light and started to feel a strong attraction towards her. He was scared to admit his feelings to her, but he couldn’t deny them either.

Himawari also began to realize that her feelings for Daemon had changed. She began to feel a strong connection to him and found herself drawn to him in a way she had never felt before. She was scared to admit her feelings to him, but she couldn’t deny them either.

Eventually, Daemon and Himawari both admitted their feelings for each other. They decided to take things slow and enjoy their newfound relationship. They were both happy and relieved to finally be able to express their feelings for each other.

Despite Boruto’s warning, Daemon and Himawari’s relationship has grown stronger over time. They have both come to realize that their feelings for each other are real and that they are truly in love. They are both happy and content with their relationship and are looking forward to the future.

Daemon and Himawari’s relationship is a testament to the power of love. Despite Boruto’s warning, they have been able to find happiness and contentment in each other’s arms. They have both come to realize that love is something that should be embraced and cherished, not feared or forbidden. They are a perfect example of how love can conquer all.

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