Elon Musk purchases ad campaign for SpaceX’s Starlink on Twitter

The ad campaign SpaceX is buying to promote Starlink is called a Twitter “takeover.” When a company buys one of these packages, they typically spend upwards of $250,000 to put their brand on top of the main Twitter timeline for a full day, according to one current and one former Twitter employee who asked to remain unnamed because they were not authorized to speak on behalf of the company.

According to internal documents viewed by CNBC, SpaceX has spent more than $160,000 on the Twitter ad campaign for Starlink in Australia and Spain so far.

Starlink employs a constellation of satellites that beam internet down to paying subscribers who also need to obtain terminals from SpaceX to access it. SpaceX developed Starlink with the goal of providing high-speed internet connectivity to people in locations poorly served, or not served at all, by cable or fiber-optic infrastructure.

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Written by Alex McCurthy

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