BTS’ J-Hope ‘burns it all’ in new concept photos for Arson track from Jack In The Box, ARMY has theories

A fan wrote, “Had a brief vision of Hobi leaving more and arson being a discovery of self, burning down who he was, to rise like a phoenix.”  Just a few days ago, J-Hope had shared the tracklist of the album, that included the songs Pandora’s Box, More and Future. One fan wrote, “We know Hobi’s album has a story, so I assume that for whatever conflict Pandora’s Box has, Arson would have the same resolution. I assume the same for More and Future.” Another added, “Hobi being the serial arsonist. This concept photo is so lit. Arson will set us on fire, we can’t escape it live. Are we all ready for July 15?” One fan commented, “I’m proud of Hobi. He is fearlessly creating art that explores the dark side of human nature. I love this concept photo so much. This image represents someone facing the negative consequences of his actions.”

Written by Alex McCurthy

Influencer UK VIP Contributor

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