Influencer harassed with disturbing, threatening messages because she resembles Blackpink’s Rosé

BLACKPINK Rose is an enigma and she is cherished for her caliber of music and engagement skills with her fans. Rose has an enormous fan following and she is envied and worshipped for the kind of craft she has. She is also a glam doll and her fans adore her fashion sense too.

All things considered, the BLINKS who love Rose for all her craft, are also angry at a certain model who is actually a lookalike of Rose. A report on talked about it and we take reference from that story for our write-up here.

Allissa Shin is a Korean-American model who is pretty much similar to Rose in her looks and features. This actually makes the BLINKS angry. As of late, the Korean-American female model shared on her Instagram that she is feeling worried and scared when she is constantly harassed by many fans of Rosé.

Accordingly, Allissa Shin posted evidence, for example, screenshots of messages from a client trying to find a way to harm her. Be that as it may, Allissa’s image was eliminated by Instagram because of the issue of violating community rules, so she told her story in detail.


“Instagram is taking down my stories so I will explain here. I posted a series of screenshots I received where someone was demanding this young girl to harm herself in order to get my address. This person was explaining to her, indetail, everything she is doing from following me to the airport to stabbing me,” Shin said.

The female model also frankly communicated that she was not generally annoyed when she was said to intentionally imitate Rosé. In any case, she can’t ignore the haters that are always stalking her because things have spiraled wild. “It’s kin physically forcing me into being unsafe at home or wherever I am, harming me, and putting those I love in danger,” Allissa said.

Allissa also explained that the reason she shared the incident was because haters tried to contact her supporters on social media. In particular, Shin utilizes “doxxing”, which means when someone tries to find and publicly reveal another’s identity and private information, often with malicious intent.

Allissa also calls her post a PSA (public service announcement), to warn her supporters of what could happen or harm individuals. “Never join the game of individuals like this, especially if it involves risking your life. I called the police about someone stealing information and threatening to harm my friends and family,” she added.

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