Which character can defeat Doraemon?

The anime world is filled with a plethora of characters with varying powers and abilities. Some of these characters are so powerful that they can defeat even the strongest of opponents. One such character is Doraemon, the robotic cat from the popular manga and anime series. Doraemon is known for his vast array of gadgets, which he uses to help his human friends. But can any character defeat him?

The answer is yes, and that character is Saitama, the main protagonist of the One Punch Man series. Saitama is probably the strongest anime character ever. He is so powerful that he can defeat any opponent with just one punch. His speed is also faster than light, so he can react and attack before Doraemon can even use his gadgets.

Despite Doraemon’s vast array of gadgets, there are only two that can potentially defeat Saitama. The first is the Stop Watch, which can freeze time for a short period. However, Saitama’s speed is so great that he can still attack before the time freeze takes effect. The second gadget is the What-if Phone Booth, which can create alternate realities. However, Saitama’s power is so great that he can break through any alternate reality created by the What-if Phone Booth.

In conclusion, Saitama is the only character who can defeat Doraemon. His speed and power are so great that even Doraemon’s gadgets cannot stop him. Therefore, if Saitama were to ever face off against Doraemon, it is likely that Saitama would emerge victorious.

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Written by Kylie W

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