Kylie Jenner sparks controversy with privileged Disney experience

Kylie Jenner’s step angered many Disney fans who took to social media to let out their fury against the celebrity for shutting down It’s A Small World.

“Her closing the whole ride of a small world to make it her own only to ride is not fair and it’s not right i mean if i was her just for an example i would share the ride not make it myself only to ride,” a social media user said.

Another Disney fan voiced exasperation over the incident of privileged nature. “Just because she is famous shouldnt give her the right to shut down the ride so no one else can use it thats just not fair to the non famous people who dont have the privilege of fame and fortune,” she bristled.

“How many kids had the worst day ever because they could go on their favorite ride due to this inconsiderate inconvenience!”


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