Author Sonia-Rose Lyle Has Published Her First Poetry Book: Poesía Profética

Poesía Profética is a life-giving Spanish poetry book. No matter if people are going through dark seasons or joyous seasons, this poetry book will refresh people and bring deep inspiration to many hearts. This poetry book was written during the author’s dark and bright seasons of her life. This is a poetry book that will bring eternal hope to the hopeless that the world cannot give to people.

The poetry book can be purchased on Amazon India and Flipkart. The book is available in paperback. She would like to thank Notion Press for publishing the poetry book. She would also like to thank Nureen Fatima and many others who have kept her accountable during the writing and publishing process. Sonia-Rose is amazed and humbled for this opportunity to be able to speak life into others through poetry on a global scale.

About the author   

While Sonia-Rose was completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Valley Forge, she shared spoken word poetry at youth events with a student-led ministry called: The Art Of. After she graduated in 2018, she published more poetry content on Instagram and Writco (a global community mobile app for poets and writers). Sonia-Rose lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Check out more of her poetry content on Writco @happysonia77. People can connect with her on Instagram. Her IG handle is: @happysonia77

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