Parth Mittal Doing Wonders At The Age Of 14!

By doing wonders we mean the level of his achievements is beyond imagination. Had you ever thought of opening a Podcasting Company at the age of 13? No right! But, Mr. Parth Mittal did. He opened his first Podcasting Company at the age of 13. Parth Mittal the Proud son of his Parents opened his company named as Scribbling Inner Voice.

About his company:

Scribbling Inner Voice Community formally known as SIV Company. Scribbling Inner Voice was founded on 20th March by Parth Mittal. Since that day, Scribbling Inner Voice is doing the things no one else could have imagined. Scribbling Inner Voice is having a WhatsApp group with more than 200 members. SIV Podcasts is one of the podcasts having largest number of listeners every day. It is available on applications like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Cast box and many more. Andar ki Awaaz is also one of the communities which was founded by SIV itself and was opened on 20th March 2021.

 The Chief Operating Head of SIV is Ms. Smilee Prashant Bhatt.

Parth Mittal’s inspiration behind opening SIV was providing all the budding writers with a platform where they could get themselves featured by choosing any of our paid or free packages. Until now, SIV has featured more than 200 members on different platforms and he is very grateful that he got to fulfil their dreams. Then, Parth though to open different units under SIV through which writers could get to learn few things and will explore themselves to new genres and people!

First unit which was opened under SIV was Kalam ki Dhvani which is an open mic platform, opened on 17th April 2021 guided by the community founder of KKD Ms. Punyatirtha Sahoo and Co-founder Ms. Shreyasi Rath.

Then Parth decided to open sub-units under KKD which are mentioned below.

Sub-units with their opening dates:

KKD APERTURERS – 16th May 2021 a hub for Photographers

KKD ARTISTICÁ – 16th May 2021 a hub for Artists

KKD MELODIES – 20th May 2021 A hub for Singers and Musicians

KKD DANCAHOLICS – 3rd August 2021 A hub for Dancers

KKD MEME LORDS – 3rd August 2021 A hub for Memers

KKD MIMIC CITY – 6th August 2021 A hub for Mimicry Artists

Slowly and by hard work KKD started exploring more and has 500 plus members with them today.

Second unit was collaborated and was given under SIV named as Words of Heart by the Deputy Founder Ms. Smilee Prashant Bhatt on 28th April 2021 which is a challenge hub where different topics are given every day on which our writers pen down their thoughts. Words of Heart has more than 300 writers with them in today’s date.

Third unit was Profundity of Ink which was opened on 10th May guided by the community founder Ms. Smilee Prashant Bhatt which is a Blogging Platform which has more than 1000 members in today’s date.

Fourth unit was Spill Ink Khayal which was opened on 10th May 2021 guided by the community founder Ms. Komal Mittal which is a reviewing platform where we have professional reviewers who review and give suggestions on our members writeups.

Fifth unit was Extremity of Symbols which was opened on 15th July 2021 guided by the community founder Ms. Mansi Relekar which is a challenge hub like WOH (Words of Heart).

All the community founders and writers would have not been where they are today without you Parth Mittal, you are truly an inspiration and guiding soul for hundreds of us and all the budding writers. We hope to shine like you one day!

To know more him and his activities you can reach out to his Instagram: scribbling_inner_voice


You can also contact him directly on his number: 8929606161

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