Fast & Furious Director Justin Lin Compares Working With Dwayne Johnson & John Cena, Talk About His Favorite

The Fast & Furious universe is home for many WWE stars who set out to make a name in Hollywood. With Dwayne Johnson becoming Luke Hobbs the trend became and his career got one of the biggest elevations that it needed at that point in time. The newest to enter the saga was John Cena and his debut in the franchise only upped the plot and fans were super excited to have another WWE star in the franchise.

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Justin Lin said, “I love them both. Great human beings. I think with Dwayne, I really enjoy it because he played football, and so I love sports and I think the way we approached it was very much like that and that’s something that I enjoy. We spent a lot of time talking about who Jakob was. There was a lot of catch-up because he was going to show up in F9, but he’s lived in this universe the whole time. I can’t wait to continue to work with him, whether it’s in this franchise or other opportunities.”


Written by Alex McCurthy

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