The importance of basic stock market education for College students.

A stock market is a platform where the trading of assets and investments takes place. Patience and practice is the key of this market to succeed. There’s no sweat and tear required to do good here, market analysis is all that takes to do good here. The Stock Market has rewarded many people who have shown patience, good investing practices, good analysis, and a lack of emotions. The stock market is open for any and everyone, it is a free market. A place, which could make you a billionaire or leave you on the streets.

Investing involves a diversified financial portfolio. Therefore, it is very important to teach students these first and basic concepts of the market like BSE, mutual funds, NSE, shares, stocks, and other stock market jargon. Doing something without any knowledge is equal to inviting trouble. This market is a blend of a series of intuitions and analyses. Teaching students the basics of the share market, their rise and fall, demand and supply, price wave, etc. is very important as these components determine the share market.

The age of 18 and above is the best time to get into this field as it is a very versatile and flexible age. Students at this age have maximum power to grasp knowledge. Though experience factors might hinder knowledge factors can be to the fullest extent in them. There is a taboo in society that the stock market is all about money-making but the fact is it is all about your understanding power of the market. Economics plays a major role in this field.

Many have a complaint that they don’t know where to start learning about this market. The best way is to practically be a part of it. I’m not saying get into the real market without any knowledge. Gamification is my approach here. In simple words, the mock version of Real-time Stock Trading can be very helpful for amateurs. It will them witness the market without event using any real money out of their pockets and it is a very helpful method to shape the young minds these days. By starting young, it is possible to help change the mindset of the younger generation concerning money and its usage allowing them to be more financially independent and have the potential to help in improving the Indian economy in the future.

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