Indian Government e-Market Initiative

On 9th August 2016, Government of India launched an e-platform and named it GeM (Government e Market). This platform has made the buyers and sellers an end to end solution for procurement of goods and services for all Central and State Government Ministries, Departments and PSUs.

As this initiative comes under Section 8 (non-profit organisations) company, the objective of this initiative is to make the transactions between buyers and sellers more Transparent,  to increase Efficiency and to make Procurement easier. This initiative has come into force to help small traders who was not able to supply their products due to malpractices by buyer-seller interactions.

There are many products and services that are available for bidding on this portal. Not only the essential  products like furniture, stationery, electronic appliances, paint boxes, etc. come in this category but the creative handicrafts are also for bidding. Services from carpenter, painter, sweepers, content writers, web designers, fundraisers, etc. also come into this bidding system.  This initiative will not only make new options available for government but also will be helpful for those skilled workers who are potent but not getting opportunities. This factor will definitely increase employment in the country and will help country to fight with poverty.

The system of buying and selling process through this platform is E-Bidding/Reserve Auction. This allows buyers to conduct an E-Bid for the goods and services on the platform. The buyers can also customise as per their demands. The sellers are in cue with minimal prices to offer to the buyers and the one with lowest tender rate with good quality wins the tender. The registration process also requires minimal data entries such as the registration is self certified and validated exclusively online integration with domain databases and Aadhaar Card is used as the primary user identification proof.

Government of India has promised to keep all its stakeholders informed regarding the development of GeM by maintaining a monthly scoreboard that covers the following:

•GMV (Monthly)

•Number of Buyers and Sellers

•Number of Product and Service Categories

•(%) Orders with Delivery and Payment within

•(%) Savings Achieved, etc.

Government want the trust of its stakeholders that will help it to make stronger relations for long term. Transparency will not only  increase the reputation of Government but also reduce the cases of corruption.

This initiative proves the concern of Government on corruption and is ready to take action against it. This is a really a bold decision to change their regular sellers and mediators. This e-platform shall also promote Make-in-India scheme, which would be very beneficial for country’s economy. It will give opportunities to skilled and reduce nepotism in government sectors. Unemployed see this as a ray of hope as this initiative will not only give them money but also give them exposure in the outer world.

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