Covid: Palestinians have canceled a vaccination swap agreement with Israel

Palestinians have canceled a vaccination swap agreement with Israel
In the occupied West Bank, elderly Palestinians are among those who are being vaccinated.

The Palestinian Authority has canceled an agreement in which Israel agreed to provide at least one million Covid vaccinations. The Pfizer vaccines were too near to their expiration date, according to the authorities. Israel had previously stated that it did not require an old stock of vaccinations and that they would be utilized to speed up the Palestinian immunization program. In exchange, the Palestinians were supposed to deliver Israel the same amount of vaccinations that Pfizer was supposed to send later this year. Vaccines are made to expire in August, but when they came, the date was June, said Authority Health Minister Alkaila.

The purported date has elicited no response from Israel. The initial delivery of around 90,000 pills did not meet “the requirements specified in the agreement, and Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh consequently directed the minister of health to annul the deal”. In a broadcast by the official Wafa news agency, “The government refuses to receive vaccinations that are due to expire”. Mr. Melhem went on to say that they would rather wait for the vaccinations, the authority will bring straight from Pfizer.

Why Palestine Canceled it?

The World Health Organization, on the other hand, has encouraged governments not to discard any outdated Covid-19 dosages just yet, as an additional study is being done to see whether they can be used for longer.

“In September/October 2021, Israel will get the same quantity of Pfizer doses for the Palestinian Authority”. As part of a major immunization effort, around 55 percent of eligible Israelis received both doses. 30 percent of eligible Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have got at least one vaccination dosage. Israel, as well as Russia, China, the United Arab Emirates, and the worldwide Covax vaccine-sharing program, have previously sent vaccines.

Israel’s inability to extend its immunization campaign to Palestinians under Israeli control is under criticism by UN experts. The Israelis claimed that the Palestinians were in charge of health care in the occupied areas.

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