7 Interesting things you probably don’t know about Vampire Diaries


1. Nina and Paul “despised each other” in the beginning of the show, but are good friends now.

2. According to Nina Dobrev, the producers of the show really wanted Taylor Swift to give an appearance in the show but apparently it didn’t work out as they wanted it to be.

3. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley’s most favorite episode is “Lost Girls” where Elena learns about Stefan’s secret and past.


4. Paul Wesley had originally auditioned for Damon’s role as the directors were skeptical to give him Paul’s role due to age factor.

5. Wesley broke into tears while reading the script of finale.

6. Paul and Ian both took their daylight rings from the sets after the finale.

7. Joseph Morgan the famous Klaus Mikaelson met his wife Persian White on the sets of TVD.


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