Reasons for Why Women should take interest in Coding

We live in 21st century, in which we have started to share gender equality. Today girls are ready to stand up with boys in almost every field, whether we talk about Medical or Finances or even Army,  Girls are not stepping back if it comes to serve their society. But there are still some areas, which are still barely touched by famine hands and one of those areas is Computer Science. The Computer Science major is known as a Male-dominated sector. Here, even in this tech-centric world, there are 18% women sharing the total demography of Computer Coding world.  This is because, neither girls themselves nor their parents understand the importance and benefits of Coding. This is because of their lack of awareness about this field. But there are many reasons to choose Coding over any other field.

Coding makes girls more risk taking and courageous.

In our society, this is an obligation for women that they should be homey, simple and well behaved. These characteristics restrict their actions and ideas to experiment something new. Whereas, men are known for their adventurous lifestyle and risk taking ability. These characteristics of men came from their habit of  critical thinking and experimenting new things. This is an old saying that the one who can think critically, can make wisest decisions. So, by enrolling girls in Coding, it will help them to think critically and build their decision taking ability.

Coding makes them more Messy

This is expected from girls to be neat and clean, not from just their outer appearance but from inner intellect too. They are expected to follow a pattern, the pattern which holds them in line and doesn’t allow them to move by their own choice. This pattern of living, let them untouched by outer and realistic world. They say that a kid who doesn’t mess up, cannot become a creator. And Coding allows girls to break that pattern and be messy by trying new things each and every day.

Coding is for those ladies who want flexible working hours

Women live a very tight scheduled life. They have many things to do in a while. From household to organisation, they are expected to give their 100% and somehow, they also manage to stand up on these expectations. But in this rush, they forget to spare some time for themselves and when  they feel this ‘deficiency’, they wish to work in flexible   working hours. And, Coding of course fulfil their wish to not to get  bound in a 9 to 5 job.

Coding has come in our lives to make it easier and make the world more convenient to live In, then why women are still not a part of this revolution. If you want to give women a better future then initiate this process by enrolling your girls in coding today.

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