Mihir garimella- small entrepreneur.

Nowadays children’s are great entrepreneur no matter which field they choose, when it comes to vloggin, blogging, social media, etc they are spraying sparkle evrywhere with there in-built talents, meet mihir garimella,an small entrepreneur who made his name in the field of science and technology by making super drones.

When Mihir Garimella was in fifth grade, his parents would chide him for leaving his bedroom light on. Rather than just remember to turn off the light, he rigged a motion sensor to automate the switch.

A year later at his school orchestra, Garimella would get in trouble because he couldn’t tune his violin. So he built a robot that listened to sound samples and tuned it for him.

The 18-year-old from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary eye for integrating tech solutions into everyday life. A Google Science Fair winner in 2014, a TEDx speaker in 2015, he’d created a math app which recognizes and solves handwritten problems.

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