Knitting makes a comeback


Last year was about comebacks and trends that caught up with people amid the lockdown. Now, with everyone staying home to be safe from the Corona virus,  another old school hobby that has been made a return is knitting and crocheting.

Once considered a domestic activity best suited for elderly women , many youngsters are now taking to this. In fact , a social media platform called WeAre knitters has been seeing a steady rise in takers over the tech last 2 months . The platform runners even opine the knitting reduces stress level and improves your focus as well as self esteem when you realise that you have created something

For some ,  knitting is all about relaxation and productivity. Even many celebrities are trying their hands at this.

Experts say that growing number of knitting communities is helping people with their mental wellbeing. Knitting or crocheting in a social setup really helps with metal well being , especially when you do it for others. The feeling if giving back to society makes us feel good about ourselves . Many studies show that this supports mental health and can help eradicate feelings of depression and loneliness.

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  1. Ya it’s damn sure by doing knitting and crocheting has been made many women’s to spend their time with that and gifted to their loved ones expressing their love towards them.

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