JustFurrLove – The organization that is going all the way to take care of animals

JustFurrLove is not like every other organization that has an interest in doing good for society and saving animals. At JustFurrLove all the members share passion to end animal suffering and promote coexisting with animals. The organization was set up in Oct 2019 and they had projects going on continuously. In a span of one the year, they have rescued more than 7 horses, 25 dogs, 5 cats & a couple of cows.

At JustFurrLove they don’t just rescue the animals but also provide them a safe environment by offering shelter and taking care of the animals as their own pets.

The organization is run by passionate entrepreneurs Nidhi Agarwal & Amit Adhana. They set this organization from scratch and worked on it until they had it up and running. Nidhi & Amit not only rescue animals but also offer homeless animals’ food if they cannot be rescued. There is a lot of cost involved in logistics and transport and these rescued animals should be given proper medical care. All these costs are borne by the organization and if you want to offer them some help, you can donate money and fund a rescue operation or pay for some meals for the animals on their website http://justfurrlove.org

About Team-

Nidhi Agarwal is a young entrepreneur and was on Cosmopolitan’s list of 30 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs. Her knowledge and experience in the business world is impeccable. She built a venture that was funded by Mr. Ratan Tata and now as the Head of New Initiatives at Times Internet Limited She has been a TedX Speaker twice. 

Amit Adhana is a professional Equestrian Show-jumping athlete with 6 National medals & 5 State medals to his credit. He is the backbone of the organization and an on-ground caregiver. If it weren’t for his heart of gold JustFurrLove would have never found a place to germinate. He alone has turned around the lives of JustFurrLove’s 20 dogs & cats and also, 18 horses.

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